Hayleys Tables-a great free fun kids maths game

Finding FREE childrens educational games on the web is like finding a needle in a haystack.I wrote this maths game in 1998 basically because I couldn't find anything like it available at the time.It is a very simple concept with random questions appearing on the blackboard.The child then has to type the correct answer in the box provided on the blackboard and then press the enter key or the return key.

If the answer is correct then the program moves onto another random question from the times table selected.If incorrect then the child is asked to try again until he or she get the answer correct.If the child gets 10 correct answers in a row then they are rewarded and asked to try a different times tables by selecting the buttons on the lower half of the interface.

Make sure your speakers are turned on.My oldest daughter Hayley congratulates when your child gets a question correct and my youngest daughter Tara commiserates when you get a question wrong.All in all it's great fun and a good way of teaching your children their multiplication tables.

Try to remember that this maths game is FREE and ultimately timeless and from my own experience it works!

Feel free to download Hayleys Tables which as you can see is a simple maths game aimed at children between ages 4-7

Hayleys Tables is compatible with Win95,Win98, NT 4.0,XP,Win2000, Vista and Windows 7

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Download Hayley's Tables



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